Since 1989 it has been the mission of SIA “LKC” to promote the name and image of Latvia in the world. It was then when the first colour magazine "Latvia – Baltic State" was released in Latvian, English, German, and Russian.

Every year we issue photo albums about Riga and Latvia in Latvian, English, German, French and Russian, every issue enjoying significant readership success. Among our clients taking part in distribution and realization of our printed products are the largest book stores in Riga and Latvia, state and commercial organizations, and individuals.

In 1993 SIA “LKC” established a store in the Riga International Airport, selling crafted souvenirs, collector coins of the Bank of Latvia, printed materials, and audio and video works of Latvian artists.

On the SIA LKC homepage you will find information on our and our partners' merchandise.

You can choose, order and buy online Riga and Latvia-related souvenirs: books, cards, and albums; amber beads, necklaces, bracelets and lavalieres; leather items such as photo albums, bags and wallets with national ornamentation; knitted mittens and socks; ceramics and pottery, and many other items.

All merchandise is manufactured both by individual craftsmen and by large commercial organizations, supplying a wide assortment of Riga and Latvia-related items – from hand-made to factory-produced.

Souvenirs from Latvia can be used practically, but they are also intellectual values. They are excellent gifts to yourself or your relatives or business partners; they will be your memory of the place where you lived or visited.